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Soulmate or not ?


Two months ago my ex and I broke up. We had a lot of issues. He had bad jealousy issues then he broke up with me because he saw how unhappy he made me and told me that he can't be the man I need him to be now so he has to let me go out of love and respect for me. It's been so hard for me to let him go because when we met (I knew of him for a while) I was diving to work and this  when I first started getting into boxing/fighting wanted to make more friends in the area and there was only one person I knew who was interested as well and that wasn't him. I remember thinking "I should totally hit him up and maybe I cannot leave learn  stuff from him" never just thought about it. Then the next day he messaged me  on fb,  was shocked and I thought this is crazy almost like the universe heard me. The first time we hung out it was like  I have known him My whole life we connected instantly. During our relationship I would meditate and get these visions of him and I in  past life. Also times he hurt me and I contemplated leaving him I would do a heart meditation to ask what my heart wants and she wanted me to stay. It almost felt like we were meant to be. We had a lot of similar interest everything was perfect except towards the end when he started to mistreat me and his jealousy only got worse. Now broken up I Am struggling to move on from him. 

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I have somewhat similar-kind-od situation. My wife, who I can easily describe ad my soul mate, and I almost parted ways. I felt and seemed unavoidable, as we had major arguments about huge issue. 

I started to feel very bad, got depressed, an stuff. But i tried to believe that i can have me and you too - and a miracle happenend. Or not, but point is that she changed her mind and we are still together.


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