Vulnerability is not weakness

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Vulnerability is not weakness.  In fact it takes great courage to admit your feelings or admit what is important to you.   

The act of creating something involves vulnerability.  When you create something you show the world "here is something new and I think this important.  I created this and I think it's good".   This opens you up to someone saying "that isn't important".  "You did a bad job". 

The act of learning or asking for help involves vulnerability.  By asking for help you are saying "I don't know this thing." Or "I can't figure this out for myself"

The act of connecting involves vulnerability.  

Admitting that you want to stop manipulating others and set people free involves vulnerability.  

Saying "I care" involves vulnerability.

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I started listening to Brene Brown a long time ago. If you google for "vulnerability TED" you'll find what I found.

The exact reason why I brought this topic up now is not my story to tell.  

 But I want to say that i think it is important to lean into vulnerability.  Push past the voices of fear.  However, don't push past the voices of reasonableness. Leaning into vulnerability is one thing.  Leaning into stupidity is something else.  

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I agree! Being vulnerable is something everyone should embrace but because of societal expectations, it often pushes a one sidedness or suppression of aspects of yourselves. Until people are able to embrace all of themselves and being honest with themselves is only then vulnerability will be revealed. 

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