hello from slovakia / czech rep.

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hello from slovakia / czech rep.

hi everyone :)

i've found teal's videos about 9 months ago and it.. changed my life.

i come from a family where my parents were occupied with fighting with each other and where feelings did not matter. my father is deeply suffering. he is the most dysfunctional person i know (which results in emotionally abusing others and seeing them as extensions of himself). i came to the world with his vibration and from the beginning i saw things negatively. my main issues are traced back to when i was in the womb. over the years i developed anxious attachment pattern, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression and anhedonia.

now, after i started listening to my inner voice and seeing the world differently, i feel happy and fulfilled. but i still struggle with triggers every day.

i'm happy that forums like this exist and i'm curious what interesting people and stories i will find here.

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