Acupuncture for sinus infection?

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Acupuncture for sinus infection?

Hi!! I have been suffering from allergies and severe sinus infections and headaches for the past 20 years. This would routinely flare up and I have to take off from my work. I have been taking allergy medicines, nasal inhalers, and decongestants. I'm always at the doctor for my allergies or bronchial or sinus infection. I'm just fed up of this. 
I have tried different ways to get rid of from allergies and sinus infection. But nothing worked for me. Also, my situation has become even worse. One of my friends suggested acupuncture treatment. She said that the procedure is worth spending money as she had seen many people considering this procedure to treat sinus infection. To be frank, I'm terrified of needles so I didn't bother to research on this. But she has scheduled an appointment with a therapist from acupuncture centre in Mississauga on 18th of this month. While researching online, I saw mixed reviews regarding this procedure. So I would like to know if anyone here had undergone acupuncture treatment for sinus infection or allergy. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!  

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