please send me some positive energy

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please send me some positive energy

Hi all,

I am having a real kind of crisis. I'm having a bit of a health scare. I have some sort of infection going on in my body, but

the doctors dont know what. I have terrible pain and swelling in my hands an joints. My stomach is on fire.

If you could please please, send me some good healing vibes today.  I really need it.

Blessings to you all.

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Hi Amanda, I'm disturbed to hear you're not well, sure it's temporary, you have just track back what you made unntraditionally, taked to match or lack of something, personally my stomach problems I healing with water melon or seeded bred and slow cooked rise with almond milk. As Sadhguru says 70% of illness we creating our self from inside and that can be fixed from inside by us. 

take care and send an updates about your self.  Big hug

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Sorry its been so long guys. I wanted to let you know how I'm doin!

I've really had to do a 180 degree shift in my life, but I am starting to see some improvements in my health. The swelling is going down... slowly and

my stomach is much better. I'm grateful for the fact I have been able to take time to slow down and focus on health. 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU to all who sent me your loving positive energy. It is so very much appreciated! 

I still don't feel out of the woods yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today is brighter than yesterday by a mile!

Hugs and love!



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