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Help with Focusing my Mind

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Help with Focusing my Mind

I have a few questions about some aspects of my mind during meditation.

  • First, whenever I try to picture something in my mind's eye, more often than not the image is fuzzy or unclear in some way. It is difficult to sustain focus on an image I wish to see.
  • Second, usually when I do get a picture to stick in my mind it never does what I want it to do. For example, let's say I'm picturing a rose against the backdrop of a sky. If I want the rose to stay still, it will instead spin around or do something I do not desire. It requires a great deal of focus to actually get the image to be the way I wish. This is frustrating and definitely not relaxing!

I'm not quite sure what is behind these strange happenings, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight to what could be causing this or if anyone had a similar experience. Is there any type of work I could do to work to better my focus? Thank you for your help!

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