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A dear friend recommended Alan Watts to me, and I have happily listened extensively to his audio lectures on youtube. I find them mostly delightful. I like his informal humorous style, he's obviously brilliant. But upon doing some research, I found out infidelity was an issue for him as well as alcoholism which ultimately was his undoing. A true tragedy. I like him but I was curious how others perceived him. Any opinions are appreciated :)

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A great problem in this modern world is best expressed by this "downfall of the sages." Piety used to be a thing cultivated, but since we "killed god" and worship the human mind and it's expansion instead, piety becomes lost in a sea of grey...

Why practice restraint when letting these two women pleasure you would certainly be an expansive experience? See the issue?

It also is easy for groups who would want to slander an individual to do so by hiring agents to seduce and make the guru complicit in bad behaviors.

Alan watts is great. Judge him by his work, not by the heresay.

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