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Synchronicity and Interpreting signs...

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Synchronicity and Interpreting signs...

I have been on this journey for a while now ( most of the wacky stuff has only started happening to me since 2013, or at least I only became consciously aware of it then!). 

When all of this stuff started happening, I started to get signs and nods from the universe. At first I believed they were confirmations of my thoughts and feelings at the time and that I should follow them and I believed in them whole-heartedly as confirmation of my beliefs: most namely, I was involved with someone and I got the strongest signs about that person, stronger than any other situation in my life. For example, I'd be out walking and I'd just catch their scent in the air for the briefest of moments. Or on one of the first days of my job, on my way to work there was a property developers sign with this person's first name and as the bus went around the road, the road sign had their second name, an uncommon name too. When I got these signs, at the time me and said person were not in contact. We haven't been for a while. But everytime we see each other, even in the briefest of moments it's always intense.

Since him though, I've been with other people and I've had other signs come up too. The weirdest one was I was painting a picture of the actor/model Brock O'Hurn while watching Breaking Bad, and I decided to post an "In Progress" post on my Instagram story, that I tagged Brock O Hurn himself in. The second a character called "Brock" was introduced onto the screen in Breaking Bad, Brock O'Hurn had seen my post on Instagram(!). Since then I haven't had any other interactions directly involving him but I've been seeing his name everywhere and all the high street stores are covered in L.A inspired clothing. ( A thing that seems to have happened just as I made the decision that I want to move to L.A to pursue my career ). (P.S. if you want to see that painting it's attached..sorry to self-promote but I'm really proud of this painting and I'll probably be doing a giveaway of it or my Lana painting soon!! )

I guess I'm confused because today I just got a heap of signs of the first guy, and my name together in the same space....

So I'm wondering...about intrepreting the signs. I used to think they were something out of my control, but now I wonder if they are something I manifest? OR if they are something that appear based on my vibrational alignment? Do certain signs come up to maybe show you what you're a match to currently? Or are they trying to remind you of something? Or are they a sign you should forget that chapter? 

What do you think?

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