Mr. Chekhov... lower our shields

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(It's a metaphor)

Kirk:  lower our shields

Chekhov: ... huh? Why?

Kirk: because we're home.

Chekhov: But shouldn't we keep our shields up all the time?

Kirk:  Our mission is to explore new worlds.  We can know them intellectually but we will never feel them with the shields up. The shields keep us safe and we need them, but sometimes we have to lower them.  Nothing can touch us when the shields are up.  But we can't fully feel unless we turn the shields down.

Chekhov: Starfleet regulations say to never lower shields below 20%.

Kirk:  I don't want to follow the standard protocol.  I want us to feel.  I want no boundaries. I want unity.  I want our soul to be uncovered and unashamed.  Turn the shields to zero.

Chekhov: But that would leave us completely vulnerable. The slightest hit could be devastating.

Kirk: We are stronger than that.  If we never lower our shields we will never feel.  We have to have the courage to let our souls touch the bigger world and let the bigger world touch us.

Chekhov:  are you sure that it's going to be safe?

Kirk: Chekhov, we are at Source. This is home.

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Actually I was speaking more generally about my thoughts on how to "connect to Source".   

I remember a Teal video where she said something similar.  If you want to connect to someone you have to let your guard down.  And if you want to connect to Source you have to do the same thing.   

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