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Fear and don't know whats going on

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Fear and don't know whats going on

Hi everybody, 

recently a lot of crazy and scary things are happening in my life and I have no one really to relate and talk to. i need some security and somebody who understands, I guess. 

So right now It feels like everything falls apart and changes so intensively that I have no idea where I stand right now and what my sense of reality is.. One moment I'm completely convinced that I know now where my balance is and then two hours later I go trough another big fear and everything is fucked up again.  

My relationship broke down last week and I'm facing basically every single aspect of my relationship to my narcisistic dad.

its incredible how this Oedipus complex truly works.

right now I go through a huge healing period and I'm so scared because I feel like I am confronted with my deepest fears.

it gets so intense that I am afraid to become crazy or stay stuck in these deep feelings.. My heart started to bumb so hard last night that I thought I will get a heart I wanted to ask for any advice - what to do in this situation? Can I become to negatively focused while doing shadow work?

i also feel like there is a giant female power awakening right now and I feel it inside me so strongly that it overwhelmes me of its beauty but also scares me.  Does anybody feel the same?

love for you 

Anna (25)

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