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Ive listened to a lot of his stuff on YouTube before. He's really good at explaining how our thoughts affect what we do and at bringing people into "the now". His explanations really got to me and I definitely have learned a great deal from him, but I have noticed a few differences between his beliefs and many of today's spiritual gurus.

He mentions in one of his lectures how people are afraid to indulge themselves in pleasures (the stuff we'd normally consider addictive in today's world). I don't recall ever hearing him speak specifically about how substances affect the body persay, mainly just about fears on indulging in them, and referencing  old zen masters that smoked pipes to back up his previous points. He also mentions that in recognizing that there is no future/past because your thinking about both 'in-the-now' you won't worry about how long you live since your living life to the fullest anyways.

His main points on marriage/cheating were kinda wishy-washy, like he didn't understand it himself, and would mention wanting the marriage-for-family-allegiance thing from the olden age times to be used again, so the couple could be free to love whoever they wanted to as long as they had kids together & that sort of thing.

I love listening to him, his opinions definitely broaden your view on a lot of different topics, but it's up to you to form your own opinion on em' (my personal opinions though of these subjects: a healthy & communicative monogamous relationship with your partner/s would create a more trusting partnership, & on the alcohol addiction, there's a difference between indulging in self-loving ways & indulging in addictions to try to fill a void that I don't believe he'd actually noticed, but hey, can't get everything right)

I mainly just listen to his lectures though, I've never heard rumours but I could see them as actual problems of his. They're called 'why you have a fear of pleasure' and 'love & marriage' if you want to listen to it, and sorry if I misinterpreted it ahead of time ;)


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There is all sorts of content from him, some even live.  Also, many of his talks are in quite a bit of Electus' music.  And believe me that group is one of many that i've come to collect excessively since some years ago.  <3

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