United but divided?

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Hi Teal,

I have a question that I am currently meditating on. While awaiting my inner answer to come to me, I wanted to share this question with you for in case you like to share your thoughts (to all of us and through any media or form) on this subject.

I more and more feel the unity of everything, every cell, every being, being one, being of same origin and substance. I also feel more connected to myself and all that goes around inside of me. I finally truly feel what is meant by inner work, inner healing. I see various concepts and ideas that I have held high throughout my life without any true insight or thought. It feels like a lot is coming together, is becoming more whole, more clear. I felt the emotion of gratitude so deep that it feels like it anchored somewhere inside of me. 

Yet I simultaneously feel the need to "close" myself off more from other people, acquaintances, colleagues, old friends etc. I use to trust people very easily or not be thinking of the issue or matter of trust at all. But somehow lately I feel energies coming into my body when people talk negative of other people for example during a lunch meeting, or friends of friends saying hurtful things not to but about one another, no one caring about truth or protecting the other person from those negative energetic attacks. I feel like minimizing my circle of people around me, and who know all of me and my personal life. I feel like protecting myself and people I love of these negative energies that seem to fly around without any basis. 

If I truly understand the concept of oneness, why do I feel this distrust in others? Why do I feel such negative vibrations, when I'm in a room where painful gossip is it's subject? Is it that I still have to heal myself on these aspects? 

Thank you for listening (reading).

Love you Teal! Your honesty is inspiring.



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-Just filling space here with my opinion :$ -

If people are negatively gossiping, I'd say they are desiring something that they haven't yet fulfilled in themselves. But they will. It's a beautiful thing to see desire, and it's a beautiful thing to know or see that person reaching the fulfillment of that desire in that moment of negative gossiping. No one can take away your inner reality, your fixed emotion. It's only ever yours to give away.

The feeling of needing to protect oneself is simultaneously the feeling of concern that there is something/someone to protect yourself from. (Was this from a Teal video? O.o) Some enemy that wants to hurt us, possibly by taking something from us. At this point we can ask, is there really an enemy that has this power over us, or do I submit my emotions, and ideals over to whatever this enemy's intentions are. At that point, it is the enemy that now dictates our lives... but only *after* we relinquish our power. Power over our inner reality, over our emotions.

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Hi PrimaMateria,

Thank you so much for your answer. What touches me most is the way you show the beauty of desire, the beauty of expansion, and our inner power. I will re-read your response and meditate on the proposed very good question: is there really an enemy, I should protect myself and loved ones from? Am I giving away power? What exactly am I afraid of? 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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