I there any way I can stop seeing "Argument of the Day (Stefan Molyneux's New Segment)" on every feed.

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Is there any way I can stop seeing "Argument of the Day (Stefan Molyneux's New Segment)" on every feed. I just want to know if I can make it so I don't have to see it every time I open up the forum tab. It's getting ridiculous and is nothing more than a cancerous thread for people to talk about their political opinions. This site is for learning how to deal with life. It's not a political debate forum.

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8 hours ago, walt said:

Adam, you reap what you sow. You came on this board with an agenda to turn people away from Teal by attacking everything about her. Now you promote that sorry excuse of a human being Donald Trump.

You have two choices as I see it. You can continue with your agenda of hate or you can open your heart to the possibility of love. Learn something from the many kind souls that come to this board to make the world a better place.

Hi Walt (and Adam) (and everyone else)

I have tried but I can only hope that I understand where Adam is coming from.  And maybe if Adam comes to think "this Scot guy actually does understand me" then we will actually start to speak in such a way that we hear each other but right now I think we are still talking past each other. 

 So here is what I think:  Adam honestly believes Trump is making the world a better place. Adam honestly believes Teal is evil and spreads her propaganda. I believe Adam would agree with the previous two sentences.

In Adam, I see a real "us against them" attitude. "you are either with me or against me".   Trump and Adam have the same "us against them" "You are either with me or against me" attitude. Adam might not recognize such an attitude in himself or Trump but I believe those attitudes are there in their shadows.  

I will actually stand up for Adam's right to free speech.  But I have been standing up against Adam's insulting statements.  Maybe some of his statements have been jokes and I have taken them as serious, but many of his statements are very insulting.

Now, if Adam reads the previous three paragraphs above, he might think they are an attack.  Or, if he doesn't see them as an attack then he might think I am gaslighting him.   So let me say this:  Adam, I am not trying to attack you and I am not trying to gaslight you.  I am trying to explain my perspective.  I am trying to explain myself very carefully because I can't seem to express myself in  way that you understand.  I expect that when Adam reads this paragraph he will again think that I am lying. But I am not.  I believe the moderator will understand what I am trying to say and understand why I am saying it this way.  And if the moderator looks at my other posts, I believe he or she will see the same thing consistently.

So now Adam, I have a question.  I suspect that you might find this post insulting. But if you do, can you explain why you find it insulting?  Please don't try to make a joke.  If you try to make a joke at this point, you might get another strike.  On the other hand, I don't believe I will get a strike because I believe the moderator will see this post for what it was meant to be: an honest attempt to explain my perspective and a chance for you to explain yours.

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