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Feeling Stuck

Lately on this journey I have been feeling so confused lately about what do next. I know that not worrying and just being is the answer but that's alot easier said than done. I know the pure self doesn't search it just is but I feel like I'm not going anywhere I feel so stuck right now. My mind tries to tell me what I should do but the direction that I'm pointed in doesn't seem like the right path. Anyone else feel stuck or like they don't know what to do next? 

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my high days are high and my lows days are low, I think its normal, and after the low days I gain something from it it just sucks in those moments, so remember no matter how low you get it will balance itself out with a positive, some insight or something. When we expect ourselves to live life listening to other people and what they want us to do rather then what we want to do coming from our hearts we will feel like shit about ourselves, comparing ourselves to other peoples values rather then ours and when you put someone on a pedestal like a relationship, parents siblings, society and judge ourselves based on those values when deep down we couldn't care less because they aren't ours we just want to love. The brain is the ego with all of its beliefs and life experiences from when you were born all the way till now, and the fear the brain projects is it thinking In this one sided negative and it cant see the positive at all, so you live life expecting no positive and only negative and that's what stops the action, the old programming. Your heart is your soul, its the driver in this body for real, that's has more access to objective truth and what is your potential, not what you've experienced so far and it judges itself based on those limitations, but it knows its potential, what one person can do you can also do it, so when we are intimidated of someone we don't think we have those traits in us but we do, they just developed them. this fear is what stops us from developing a trait or doing something because we think we are too old or I've only experienced this, but your heart is your soul, just imagine your heart is a ball of light and that's the true self, to remember the true self is whatever you find attractive in someone outside of you exists in you, it is you, you suppressed it and its attractive to you because it is you, that trait already exist in you, your heart can pick up on that, the false self is the brain and all of its programming and thoughts about itself and the heart is the soul in the body aware of its potential, and any fear is a one-sided negative with no positive, like everything you do will fail so you don't do it, that's the lie, when you face fears you will see that it was all in your head and even stuff you don't want to do also ahs positive in it, but never one or the other, tis always both, and the middle would be love I guess, accepting both polar aspects of life and not creating a fantasy of only positive without negative because we don't grow if that's the case, but accept both. you will see traits in people you love and traits you don't like and nobody will only be positive and perfect including ourselves, we will have both. happy sad are a part of the same magnet, masculine and feminine are a part of the same magnet, physical and nonphysical are a part of the same magnet, you get the idea, there are polar aspects to everything, but it's still one thing. your heart is your compass and should filter everything then go to the brain, your brain knows objective truth so even if the brain beliefs something from experience the heart still knows objective truth and you need to filter everything through the heart then the brain, if its only brain then you can even feel truth.

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 I feel like im not meeting a need but I know that society deems drug use in the spiritual community as not ok.

they are just tools the laws part doesn't mean much just don't get in trouble, but they do connect you to the spiritual side. if you can differentiate from the brain and heart your good, I lose my connection to my heart sometimes then all brain with all if its old limiting programming, there's really no end of the road its all about evolving and growth. it sounds dumb but its true listen to your heart, which is your soul inside the body guiding you if you pay attention, the brain and the ego is the temporary false self and even that can change. Take the ecstasy if you want, the soul doesn't really give a shit if its legal or illegal lol I'm not saying abuse it but they are tools that's all, not good or bad, it depends on the person and how they use it.

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