how to connect to your true self?

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how to connect to your true self?

How to connect to your true self ?

If the true self is centred in the heart. 

How To Live From The Heart - Teal Swan - YouTube‘ and Self Love Process (How To Connect With Yourself) - Teal Swan ...

Then connecting to the self via the heart is probably a good thing to do.

For now 9 Months I have been practicing Open Heart http://www.padmacahaya.org and only today I was guided to a "shortcut" on how to directly experience the heart. (I had to work to get there myself first of course) 

This guided meditation from the fine folks at the Monroe Institute https://shop.hemi-sync.com/products/300-bridge-to-paradise-album/ will help you distinguish if you are in your head or your heart.

They have another one which helps in Opening the Heart. (https://shop.hemi-sync.com/products/c422-opening-the-heart®/) I haven't personally tried this one yet. 

Personally I found the Open Heart technique quite good as they offer free "clinics" where you can meditate on the heart and also receive a free Reiki Tummy treatment after. It's a good way to be part of a spiritual group that keeps on meeting. Also no talking required :P

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