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Ode to the Sun

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Ode to the Sun

 From James Breasted's  " DAWN OF CONSCIENCE"


The world subsists in thy hand,
Even as thou has made them.
When thou hast risen they live,
When thous settest they die;
For thou art length of life of thyself,
Men live through thee.

The eyes of men see beauty
until thou settest.
All labour is put away
When thou settest in the west.
When thou risest again
Thou makest every hand to flourish for the king
And prosperity is in every foot,
Since thou didst establish the world,
And raise them up for thy son,
Who came forth from thy flesh,

Thou risest beautifully, O living Aton, Lord of Eternity;
Thou art glittering, beautiful, strong;
Thy love is great and mighty,
Thy rays furnish vision to every one of thy creatures,
Thy glowing hue brings life to the hearts of men,
When thou hast filled the Two Lands with thy love.
O God, who himself fashioned himself,
Maker of every land,
Creator of that which is upon it:
Even men, all herds of cattle and the antelopes,
All trees that grow in the soil,
They live when thou dawnest for them,
Thou art the mother and the father of all that thou hast made.
As for their eyes, when thou dawnest,
They see by means of thee.
Thy rays illuminate the whole earth,
When thou dawnest as their Lord.

When thou settest in the western horizon of the sky,
They sleep after the manner of the dead,
Their heads are wrapped up,
Their nostrils are stopped,
Until thy rising comes in the morning,
In the eastern horizon of the sky.
Then their arms are uplifted in adoration of thee,
Thou makest the hearts of men to live by the beauty,
For men live thou sendest forth thy rays,
Every land is in festivity:
Myriads of life are in thee to sustain them alive,
For it is the breath of life in the nostrils to behold thy radiance.
All flowers live and what grows in the soil
Is made to grow because thou dawnest.



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