Man's search for God

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Man's search for God

By late Francis Trevelyan Miller, poet and historian.



Down through the centuries of human progress, we have come to the World's Greatest Adventure--Man's Search for God.

And what do we find?

We have found the trail of man's evolution from the four ages when the World was in its making: The Archaic--Paleozoic--Mesozoic--Cenozoic. We have seen man blaze his way out of the jungles of the Stone Age--Bronze Age--Iron Age--until he steps out today in the Scientific Age.

We have watched him as the first gleam of intelligence is ignited in his eyes; and he severs the link in the chain that binds him to the beast; as he begins to stand erect--a human endowed with the power of Reason.

We have seen him as he laboriously gains knowledge by experience in the slow process of time; as he combats the elements and subjects them to his use; as he conquers the wilderness; explores the Earth on which he lives; as he evolves from savagery into tribes and nations; and he discovers the elemental laws of living; and sets up great systems of civilization with his genius.

And what have we found?

We have found that the first and oldest fact in all human creation is man's instinct for God-power. It has existed since the beginning of time. It took root in the intelligence of man from the day he became a human being. It has persisted through the ages as surely and as positively as his appetite for food or his instinctive gasp for breath itself.

It is so deep-seated in human consciousness that it never has ceased for an instant--never has been eradicated since the world began. It is the most persistent fact in all life. It is elemental.This search for God has covered the range of all human instincts, intuition, emotion, superstition, imagination, creative genius--every form and substance, real and unreal, that the mind of man had been able to conceive.

Just as man himself has come up from the primeval, from the primordial, so have his God-conceptions been equally primitive. They have grown and expanded with his own mentality.

When man is barbaric his gods are barbaric; when man is ignorant his gods are ignorant; when man is intelligent his gods are intelligent, He has worshiped everything--from Anythingism to Fou-Fuism.

As a scientific fact his gods are always beyond the horizon--beyond his intelligence--superior or supernatural beings. He creates them out of his hopes and aspirations-- his spiritual nature-- like evolution, itself, always in a higher form. If, on occasions, the gods have deteriorated, it will be found as a fixed law that the race itself has deteriorated.

We have found this--

The blundering of man disproves nothing--except his own competence. The hideous concepts of man prove nothing--except the blackness of his intelligence before the dawn.

We have followed the evolution, the unfolding and growth of this God-idea since its first inception, through to the present day, watching the cumulative processes of its unfoldment.

Like science, itself, its revelations have been slow, but inevitable. Like invention, discoveries and explorations on the earth, it had been a series of adventures in Unknown Realms.

It has kept pace with the increase of human knowledge, slowly divesting itself of superstitions, until it has come out into the clear open field of science--with which it stands paralleled today and must eventually converge and prove its laws.

We have found that--Strange and weird as may have been the rituals of the human race in its emergence from the primordial swamps and jungles, appalling as may have been its practices, it has at all times been consonant of the development with its mental state--an exact parallel and complement of the development of the mind.

Just as man has explored the earth and mapped out its cosmography, , so man has explored the cosmic and build up his cosmology. It has been a constant adventure into the Unknown.

We have seen the sages searching for a God of hope to dispel their fear in their fights against the elements--the fight to exist; we have seen the pagans search for God in sensuality and materiality in Assyria, Babylon and Egypt; the ancient Grecians and Romans seeking God in intellectuality. We have followed through India and Persia in their search for God in Mysticism and symbolism; we have seen the Moslems searching for God through philosophy.

We have indicated how Judaism set up the rule of One God and the ethical system of the ten Commandments - and how Christendom is founded upon the principle of man's direct contact with God through the spiritual laws.

It had required prophets of indomitable faith and courage to blaze the way for this world-old search--the spirit of the martyrs, willing to die for an idea or a principle: Zoroaster--Moses--Gautama, the Buddhist--Mahavira and Janism--Confucius--Lao Tze and Taoism--Jesus, the Nazarene--Mohammed.

Let us again affirm the historical fact: No people have ever lived who did not believe in some kind of a god--no race had ever perpetuated itself without this elemental faith.

Today, the World is seeking more ardently than ever before the solution to this high question: What is God--and is there a life after death?






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1 hour ago, walt said:

Our culture is so male centric it makes me laugh.

Before man began his wholesale oppression of women with the Old Testament a Goddess culture existed. The givers of life were exalted beyond all others.

LOved this1

Our Mother in the earth and our father in the sky.   The mother DOES comes first tough.

Either way , These days im liking a lot more the idea of Gods, like in plural.  

I'll love to see the old faith rising from the Shadow of paganism into the modern world. #OldFaithRising

With The Horned Goddess and the Sky Builder as the Archetipal Mother and Father.

Wouldnt that be awessome to see?

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