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8 hours ago, Eleni said:

Need mentoring

I've been in a process for , well my whole life and feel like I'm finally nearing the end of the circle and preparing for being a public figure like Teal.  I feel I know this is my purpose, but I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of logistics and process that goes into this and am in desperate need of a mentor who has been through something similar and who can help me navigate these difficult waters.  If this topic is used on a show I prefer my name isn't used it appears my name is showing up.  I'm in a very confusing time of my life because of information I've uncovered recently and I'm still recovering.  I'm hoping to get some guidance on how Teal became a public figure, the steps she took and any advice or mentorship .  I'm ready to help.  much appreciated.   

Right now I am learning from a guy named Dr. John Demartini and yeah he's pretty accurate when it comes to fear and depression and all of this. He says somewhere along the lines of this. thinking we live in a one sided world is fantasy, only good, no bad, always reward, no losses, positive without a negative, Once you drop the fantasy and realize its both positive and negative you can move on. This works for anxiety too, we think the world is one sided and we will always experience negative without the positive and loss without the gain, but loss comes with gain and gain comes with loss because both positive and negative exist here. Anyone claiming to be happy all the time is a liar because that isn't in the design, life is a like a magnet, you cant have one without the other. So accept that after a loss there will be gain and after a negative there will be a positive and you will learn from all of that because life is about learning and evolving. The anxiety comes from you thinking the world is one sided and those negatives you've experienced in life don't have any benefits which is false, every negative gave you a positive, always. What exists in someone else also exists in you because we all have the same amount of power, so what you find attractive in someone also exist in you, you just put yourself down and them on a pedestal when its in you, you shouldn't be intimidated by a trait that someone has that also exists in you. Get rid of the fantasy that the world is one sided and only bad will come, when their are benefits to everything and disadvantages to everything, it will always be both positive and negative like a magnet, you feel fear when you project into the future only the negative thinking its a one sided world.

Write down the benefits from your negative experiences and write down the drawbacks from a positive, they will both balance out, but you will see they both have equal amounts of positive and negative. for example what's the drawbacks on being wealthy?(something we see as positive) family always asks me for money, people want to get stuff from me, I work too much, I enjoy working more than being with my girlfriend or wife. Then you do it with a negative experience. What are the benefits of me getting cancer? A wake up call, my body communicating to me we need to change, I changed my diet and started exercising, it gave me the motivation to change, it made me do my own research and educate myself on the subject. It goes both ways, so you can do that to lower the anxiety you feel, the anxiety only comes from you thinking its a one-sided world with one sided laws when that isn't true at all. Hope that helps!

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