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Food and Abundance

Were you a picky eater growing up? 

Do you have trouble with feeling abundance ?

Please tell me what were you thinking ???!!!

What do think and how do you feel about it now???

Does it feel to you like you are on the very edge of manifesting EVERYTHING you want but you can't REACH for it?

Go back to your childhood memories where perhaps you were offered different foods including fruit and vegetables all the time but something was stopping you and instead you asked for smth different like pasta, pizza, nuggets etc.

Fresh fruit and veg. are not hand prepared. They are often ready to eat and do not require heat or tremendous amount of preparation and cleaning.  You can just reach for it and eat it!

Most cooked foods take time and preparation . Not to mention they are also devalued in quality and nutrition compared to the fresh produce.

Children are EXTREMELY POWERFUL MANIFESTATORS. Their minds are more flexible and thus capable of creating and what they want much quicker and more efficient !

Now let's look around!

What do most children eat?? Pastas, pizzas, fries, nuggets, and hot dogs. PBJ .

Just about every restaurant has this same type of kids menu.

Are you f$$$ing kidding me?????!!!!!!

Luckily if you are a conscious parent then most likely you don't eat much out or you probably ask to add veg to your child's food along with the detailed explanation how to cut it and arrange it on a plate so your child will actually try to eat it. (Please remember to tip your server for this because often they have to go extra mile to make it happen !)

The worst part of this is that I've see this types of menus in restaurants where owners themselves have children too!!! You can guess what they eat, right?

I AM SO MAD AT THIS !!!!!!!!!

Try to talk to an average parent and they are so pro-health and blah blah blah . ... and of course ,  they care what the kid eats... But in reality a lot of are just words... because children eat what they want to eat and you can not push anything down their throats!

It happens but still very seldom that a child is like a white crow asking for more salad or fruit while it is not even a top priority on family's shopping list unless the child is born into vegan/vegetarian family.

Some people say that children naturally would reach for a fruit instead of fries. I haven't seen that much. Usually if a child knows and likes FF taste they would choose that because of the stronger smell! or asks for both.

What i did notice that if a child refuses fresh foods soon he may develop allergies . Not necessarily to the hated fruit/veg but often to something else. Ironically i also know by now that allergies go away when a person changes his food habbits and/or life style and in return it increases the feeling of abundance!


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On 7/9/2017 at 7:12 PM, Garnet said:

children eat what they want to eat and you can not push anything down their throats!

How many times did you eat what you didn't like but you ate it because you paid for it?

YOU WILL NEVER SEE A CHILD DOING THIS unless the parent forces him!!!!!

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