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raw stevia Vs. cocounut sugar

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raw stevia Vs. cocounut sugar

Hi All,

Wondering is anyone has any personal experience/ information /and or medical intuitive advice about Stevia sweetner

I was using organic Stevia (not the Truvia BS). for sweetening my tea etc. I was eating no other sugar for years and years.

Then I had a very expensive medical intuitive session and he said I should be using raw coconut sugar instead. I talked to him

and he said Stevia isn't compatible with the human body because it's been processed. (which I totally get that, since i avoid anything

processed, I can pretty much tell almost immediately if I ate something processed.)

I was very very skeptical about using coconut sugar instead.... since I've had yeast problems and wasn't about to

make them worse again. But very reluctantly I made the change.

Also, for the record I only use a very little on my quinoa in the morning as a breakfast.

Anyway, I was thinking of switching back because I'm feeling my health is in decline... I don't know if that is due to changing my sugar or a combination of other things plus that. Or totally unrelated but I was hoping someone might have some thoughts on this.



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