The Word "Catalyst" Jumped Out At Me Today

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The Word "Catalyst" Jumped Out At Me Today

So I began this particular chapter of my Journey by watching a 50/50 mix of Teal's Videos and her detractors. So I decided to find out for myself what it's all about. So I purchased a 6-mo. Premium Membership. Then this week I ordered all 3 of Teal's books on Amazon. So now I'm watching a video of her a day and started to read her first book. So far I've read the first 4 chapters, then set it aside to read other books I've got.

So I finished a legal thriller which was very well written as an entertainment diversion. Then I'm reading a new book entitled  "Embodied Enlightenment" by Amoda Maa. 20 pages in I see the word "catalyst" at least FIVE TIMES in the first 20 pages.  So Teal is considered to be "The Spiritual Catalyst". I had a hunch that this word is something I need to pay attention to. So the word appeared AGAIN in the next-to-the-last chapters of "Bight-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking has Undermined America" by Barbara Ehreneich definitely NOT a spiritual book, but one worth reading. So I'm wondering could I possibly be the "Recovery Catalyst"? Since I'm in recovery from both alcohol abuse and a psychiatric diagnosis . O, also I also practice Nichiren Buddhism, which I've been doing for the last 33 years (12 of which was in a cult, but that's a story for another day.

So after Evening Service, I'm still pondering this. I went out with some co-workers to a restaurant to celebrate the NEW non-profit we going to be working for. So I was animated, quick-witted, and a few of them told me i was more animated than I am at work, especially my eyes, telling me they see something there they haven't seen before. So I said thank you, enjoyed our meal, and we went our own separate ways.

So what do you think? Meaningful signals or just "coincidence"? Am I making too much of this.? I'm feeling REALLY good right now, but I know this will pass, as the mundane world of grocery shopping, picking up meds at the pharmacy, and doing Laundry await me. My sensei once told me about mystical experiences like this are very nice, but not to attach myself to my experience and move on, and I have the sense that at least ONE PERSON here understands what I'm talking about and tells me what I NEED to hear. 

anyway, thanks for letting me get this "out there." Gassho, and Peace out, everybody.





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I think what you are talking about is what Jung called synchronicity.  I have heard it said that when you are on the correct spiritual path the universe will help you with it.

Teal talks about the Law of Attraction and I think it  is the same sort of thing.  Except the Law of Attraction will "help" you on any path you are on even if that path is a downward spiral.

I don't know if these things are true or not.  I think your sensei sounds wise.

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