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You are beautiful

You are beautiful !!!!

What would be, if you say for the next few weeks every time you look into a mirror “I do not know who you are, but you are beautiful,......... I love you........ I like your eyes and the color."

Did you ever look closely into your eyes realizing the patterns and fine structure your iris??

Did you ever appreciate this fine and amazing instrument?

Observe what you else like on this person? Hair, make-up, beard or non,  ....... how would you like the person to improve YOUR like- and love-ness.

Don’t think about as you! Think about as a partner!

Think about as your partner in the mirror. What would you like to see as an improvement or change, sexiness or appearance?

Make a wish for one change once a week or so and make it come true in the following days.

Would be interesting to read feedbacks if you noticed differences  in your daily life after some time.


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corrected "person" to "partner"
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