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Have you started a new blog?

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Have you started a new blog?

Hey guys, I started my own blog about spirituality, influenced by Teal (hence why I am posting here) and I would love your feedback on it! It's still a new site, so please forgive some construction errors and other idiosyncrasies! Many of my blogs and (hopefully future videos) will be about spiritual stuff, guides, intuition, possibly tarot, possibly angels, and a segment about my journey through 365 Days of Self-Love. It is heavily influenced by Teal's content, but I don't want to piggy-back off of her stuff as much as I want to explore my own interests with the knowledge I have learned from her videos and workshops. I know we are in a surge of heightened awareness and rapidly increasing frequencies and I know I am not the only one who has finally decided to start a website of their own If you too have started a blog, video series, website or anything like that, please post a link so we can check it out and support each other!

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