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Talking about 'hipocondriaco' & quitting Tobaco

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Talking about 'hipocondriaco' & quitting Tobaco

Greettings people.

To cut the long story short,  there are many ways to quit smoking and i've try many of them

So right now im quitting for good, but i do have the recurrent tough in my mind that i cause myself some serius lung damage

and i cant stop thinking about cancer.   im 23 years old, and smoked for the last 4 years.

has any ex-smoker gone trough similar stuff, im scare for sure.


have a great day.





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On 28/6/2017 at 3:05 PM, Kroge said:

Yeah you did cause yourself serious lung damage - smoking causes damage. Now what you gonna do about it?

Went to the doctor yesterday ,  and this morning i did the TAC scan , and thanks god , my lungs look  fine.

[+]Next step , ginger and turmeric shots every day.

[+]meditation for dealing with withdrawl. 

On 28/6/2017 at 6:53 PM, walt said:

It took me ten years to quit. I had to stop drinking first. My lungs are ok but I know people who quit late in life and they got cancer. Smoking sucks!

Thanks for this message, smoking does sucks!


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I did the young adult smoking thing...  I remember quiting cigarettes in college to afford to be able to smoke more Pot.  Priorities!  Anyway, they way I quit, because it was an on and off thing, is that I had a few drinks one evening planning on having a hangover, and just blamed the cravings as part of the hangover.  So I tried to sleep and drink as much Ice Water as possible.  

As far as freaking out over the cancer thing, Look up on the internet the timeline how the lungs regenerate themselves, and heal themselves after quiting.  

But to get down to how the Mind Works, It's going to find something to worry  about if it's not busy doing something, or worrying about something else... They call it "Running Anxiety."  So wouldn't label yourself (or Myself) a Hypochondriac.   We Human Beings are way to multidimensional to be boxed in by Labels.   Infinite Possibilities!  

So Other than Being a Non-Smoker,  Do you have a dream?  Is there something cool you want to do or be able to do?

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