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It is so crap to feel the pain… hurts!!
why would anyone want to? 
so good to run away from it.....pretend….
….shhh!!….its not there!!….quick!!
mask it, laughter it, smoke it, drink it, pop it down…
why would I want to feel I can love the one in pain, in me?
why would I want to feel that empty loneliness and extend a hand and caress the cold chick to a burning warmth…
why would I want to hold you so tight, to my chest, and squeeze till all the tears left to cry are the ones of deep joy for being seen….
why would I want to look in you so deep till the emptiness turns into the open receiving..
Why would I?
fuck it all….. 
tonight I am going to dance all these whys away
and toughly stomp on all these woulds….
fire the ecstasy of ye young dragon….. 
gentleness of purring panther…..
swooping wings of strong owl…

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