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No Images CP

Ive been waiting off on asking this question because ive heard Teal mention it before but im still not sure so i'd like to hear others opinnions. 

I have little memory from my childhood so ive been working with the emotions I recieve. But part of me just feels like im doing the process wrong because even in meditations I ask to see aspects of myself in images I just get a somatic  feeling. 

Also my dad was guiding me through the CP once and he was able to see the images of me and where I was but i only felt the emotion. I dont understand how this might work. 

If I could get some feedback from those who started the Completion Process who also dont have many memories from childhood and who eventually recieved memories. 

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Hi Sunshine, 

I've heard Teal talk about how when we are children before the age of 8 all our experiences are felt perceptions. She said it's common not to see images with your memories when you were very young. It is somatic in nature. You may not get images sometimes and that's completely normal considering how we don't even have our vision fully developed at first. You may experience the memory with any of your other senses, smell, touch, hear etc. These senses can have memories connected to them. Just like when a smell can cause a certain memory to pop up, like smelling a certain perfume or cologne.  

I myself do not usually get very many images either when I do the process. I usually have some feeling or knowing that bubbles forth to clue me into what memory I'm sensing. I also do not have many memories of when I was a child. I did recently uncover a birthing memory that I know I did not have any cognitive memory of. I'm still in my early stages of working with the process so I don't have too many memories that I've uncovered yet.

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