How do I forgive a child abuser for my own inner peace?

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How do I forgive a child abuser for my own inner peace?
I'm having a real hard time accepting things like this but -
There's this trial that's been going on about "Baby doe" around my area, and well what happened was in 2015 this baby girl was found dead and could not be identified for months, and it turned out to be a little toddler named Bella. Apparently she was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend and her mother was aware of this and helped cover it up. So now fast forward two years - and the mother has finished her two years she was sentenced in exchange to testify against him, and is to be released in a couple weeks while he faces life.
So my issue is bugging me and that is, why is this woman allowed to see the light of day again? I have so much fury and anger over this situation, and I am full of hate toward her and feel sick, like I have a ball of firey anger in me right now since this woman exists.
I cannot believe that a mother would put her life beyond her child's, and to me that is unfathomable. I do not care if her mother was being abused or hurt, that does not justify what happened, and the worst part about my feelings right now is that I hope she continues to be hurt for the rest of her life for doing this to a small child who deserved nothing but love
I'm very shaken up by this and I hope that I can figure out how to rationally forgive these people or think in my head or at least empathize with it all, but I am having a lot of trouble in doing so. I want to be able to heal, and to understand and forgive, it's just hard to see anything worth it right here.

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Here is an article from Psychology Today


i don't think you necessarily have to forgive.   But you can show yourself loving-kindness.

"may I be well"

"may I be happy and safe"

"may my heart be open and filled with loving-kindness."  

And although you might never forgive her, you still might be eventually able to wish her loving-kindness. (Maybe)

"may she be well"

"may she be happy and safe"

"may her heart open and be filled with loving-kindness"



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On 2017-6-28 at 8:27 AM, Neptune said:

If you want to feel better you can... but forgiving isn't going to solve the problem. You know that. The problem is the abuse. To improve your own life as well as mine and, most importantly, kid's lives, you have to take action to solve the problem. There's no excuse anymore. There may be a spiritual model to adhere to, but your action would no less be that light coming to fruition. 

You don't need to be taught anything by Teal Swan or her followers. She's not going to help you help any kids. What you need to do is volunteer somewhere where there are kids. Or maybe work there. Some housing organisations, for example, cater to families in financial need ONLY if there are children in the family AND the parents MUST attend "life classes" while their children are watched by strangers. I don't want to scare anyone but that's where a sociopath would work because that's how sociopaths think. They don't care about the parents or the kid but they just do what they need to do to get their way and cover their tracks. It just is what it is... so what are we going to do? You can't arrest someone for a thought crime. Child abusers must have life-damning punishments. I say either death, or life in prison. What say you? That should scare them enough, no? If not, the least you can do is be there to face them. Orphanages are everywhere and sometimes you'll see a group of kids with an older person who's yelling at them, and you'll notice that the kids are a different ethnicity. That's probably some type of child care provider and it's a great opportunity to open a conversation with the whole family. One time I saw a little girl running into a parking lot with her arms up to a truck that was pulling away. She was screaming Daddy Daddy don't  leave me! An old ugly woman stepped out of the truck, and she man handled her into the truck. I ran up as fast as I could from about 50 yards away. I said "What the he'll is going on here?" She explained it away but I still don't know who they were or how they are related but I know where she lives. She said the girl is a problem and I told her she was a problem and she drove off. I'm  not happy with how I handled that situation but it's not over yet. The girl stopped crying when I told the lady she was the problem though, that made me feel a tiny bit better. I won't feel totally happy about it until I see it through that I know what's going on and that the little girl is safe. But... CPS is bad for kid's too, and foster care is where she'd go if the cops took her.

The system needs to be changed so that criminals are severely punished, and orphanages and child care facilities (of ANY kind) should be required to have archived surveillance of every inch of the property every second of every day.



Hey, severe punishment? come on, how angry are you? I know i know i know, but people that hurt are hurt themselves. No matter how big the crime is. They are either hurt or sick, but most of all, they need healing and awakening. The bigger the mass of compassionate awaken people there are, the higher will the number of all awakenings be... How i see it... But anyway, when i read severe punishment to be inflicted, damn, it hurts how cruel you have become, no

I totally understand you too on other hand... The most pain i have felt when i see how children are being treated.

However, We need more understanding i think. Technical as well as personal and divine. 

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