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The Gods of Eden

This quote is from the Book The Gods of Eden (Avon books, 1993 printing) Chapter 3, pg. 34:

"Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an isolated planet in a small galaxy. As such, the human beings were once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep control over its possession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilization has bred never-ending conflict between human beings , has promoted human spiritual decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has existed for thousands of years and it continues today."


What do you think? 


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there are many external galactic forces afectting earth at all time.

alien intelligence include. 

You are in rigth track toug. Go check out african folklore, west africa, south africa.

They got some interesting ideas about life in others planets.  Awessome if you ask me.


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