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Two Twinkling Stars

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Two Twinkling Stars

Two Twinkling Stars  (last Friday)
It was Friday afternoon was in the underground train standing next to the door facing in opposite direction of the trains movement heading homewards from work. As the train entered a station a saw a man, not very taken care of, sitting on a bench holding a small pizza-box in his hands. His hair was somewhat longer and a total mess and his clothing old, not torn, but gave an very worn out impression. As the train stopped he got up and walked unsteady and slowly towards the train dragging his feet with his worn shoes. "Oooh my! Not again! A drunk one!" I thought instantly as I saw him coming closer. His eyes where small, half closed and his shoulders hanging. There is not much of a life left I thought. He entered the train and found a place next to the door just opposite from me, facing direction of the train movements. I thought again hey I am the ”lucky one” a homeless drunk close to me. But something was different. There was no odor. He didn’t  smell drunk or like un-flushed toiled as many of the homeless do, which I came across during my daily commuting. My senses got stronger that something is different with this guy. A couple stations later he fetched out some coins from the pocket with his left hand while holding the pizza-box in the other hand. He held a handful coins in his shivering hand trying to count them. Most of them have been cents covering a few bigger coins. I thought f... , poor guy another one who fell through the social grid. He was absolutely not the typical homeless which I see some times here and there in the underground stations. Many of them drunk a few drug addicted. Usually I do not do such things, but this was different. I searched my pockets and pulled out a 5euro bill (= approx. 5 $), stepped a couple of steps toward him and put the bill in his hand where he still was counting his coins, and wished him a nice weekend. It took a few seconds before he overcame some sort of confusion since he had focused only on his coins. Slowly he lifted his head and looked at me. His eyes opened up and he began to smile. At the same time his eyes got some sparkling and came to life again. "THANK YOU" he said calmly in a low voice not easy to hear, with the background noise of the train. "You are an angel" he continued. Then he told me a bit about him and what he been doing. He is a musician and artist writing songs and other stuff for theatres when asked. Unfortunately I had to stop him and excused my self because I had to get out at the coming station to catch the other train getting closer to home.

Actually I am not an angel, just a

Lonely Ferret,  

whishing for freedom and peace.


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