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Hello and Wilhelm Reich Quote

Hello! Just last week I "stumbled" upon Teal on YouTube. What she's saying intrigued me. I also came upon her detractors as well. And I decided to find out for myself what it's Really All About. So I signed up for her Premium Content, and thus here I am.

So here's a quote which shows some of my Interests:

"On March 20th, 1956 at 10 PM, a thought of a very remote possibility
entered my mind which I fear will never leave me again: Am I a
spaceman? Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer
space in embraces with earth women? Are my children offspring of the
first interplanetary race? Has the melting pot of interplanetary
society already been created on our planet, as the melting pot of all
earth nations was established in the U.S.A. 190 years ago? Or, is this
thought related to things to come in the future? I request my right
and privilege to have such thoughts and to ask such questions without
being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
Contact With Space (1956)



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