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Stuck in the Healing Process

I'm learning by listening to Teal explain the healing process, I am someone who is stuck in it, as she explains. Right now I am confused about something that may or may not help the healing. Background: Dad didn't care. wasn't mean but not nice, so indifferent, drinker, vietnam vet ptsd. mom coming from an abusive home that i know little about and the little i know scares the crap out of me. I was left to learn about the world all alone, i had some guides along the way, an aunt, a friend, and now a co worker. I'm constantly either celibate, leave me alone, i put no effort into a romantic relationship, or I find myself in dysfunctional ones. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, a guy I was having some form of a relationship reappeared after 2 years, and wants to see what happens. I'm back into square one, boom, relationships trigger the threat to my survival. I asked teal, but was suggested to start a forum first, I'm glad I did, I want to know if anyone else gets stuck in the process no matter how hard your try and educate yourself do the work, etc..and still sit in the cycle? what do you do to help yourself? also, her video on trust inspired a thought of asking the guy to sit with me as she suggests couples do and put themselves into the other's shoes execise, and ask him to watch the trust video on his own time, and see what the out come is. My hesitation is , I don't want to cause myself more damage, and because I don't know if I am in a relationship that is an empath/narcissistic one in nature. I can say that I don't know. I don't' want to assign it to someone if they are not a narcissist.  Does this sound like a crazy idea, or brave?

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Write down all triggers. then think of thought form counter. I try to push energy from my nervous tummy down & transform the energy but you need to know correct transformation form to benefit.


I try to work out all angles that hurt, from whom. Then understand thoughts of fear, trauma then secondary paranoia. To reset & heal. I tried am still trying to heal too.


Your not alone!

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