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I love to evolve

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I love to evolve.

So since we are in this whole golden age of awakening and becoming aware of this god/source aspect of ourselves id like to share my evolution. So since I did the breatharian initiation not eating is no problem and I haven't ate in 12 days, I don't feel weak or tired, this is just possible, its not even a miracle at all we are just spiritually retarded In western society not knowing our power. So you have to have this inner calling or chances are you're just starving yourself. Not eating comes with a consciousness state, from the outside it looks like you are just not eating but inside you become your soul perspective, not even the ego, your ego is your soul and they blend together. Your ego becomes very quiet and you can now ask your higher self anything you need to know now. You reach self love with is sort of like passing through all humans to go beyond the limited collective consciousness, you loving yourself is you loving everyone, because they are a aspect of you. You can easily see the programming of this place and how limited people are, you see how rare love is, you see everything, its fascinating. You see how we attach so much meaning to words and labels and that limits us also.

You get connected to your higher self that can explain how things are possible spiritually. Because you are connected to your soul you get objective truth and you can see peoples sexual distortions and unhealthy aspects because that is also you, so you understand, but yeah this Is possible and not that crazy, I'm super curious so I did this and yeah its real, and I had no fear dying while doing this, My higher self told me to do this more than a year ago, so here we are because I love to evolve and see for myself, yeah you can live off just this love perspective and the outside world and you blend together and you have this source perspective, real source perspective otherwise you couldn't do this, and the body has to change and evolve with the consciousness, but it does upgrade itself, this is possible now.

Also because you become conscious of the subconscious if you become spiritually aware you can choose your own death, because all death is suicide you can live a long time or whenever you want, its your choice when you want to die when you are completely conscious. Age means nothing its just humans stop evolving in their 20's so they believe they have to get old, when you can live however long you want, you wouldn't want to live forever, but when you learn that death is a choice and I can live to be 150 if I want now you suddenly have time to do whatever you want, I'm busy is sort of an excuse, you have 100+ years if you want, what busy? We are so limited by the collective consciousness and in society if you are older than 30 we think that is old, like I could of learned that, you can still learn whatever you want the universe doesn't care if you are 70, you're still alive, still choosing to be alive.

Everyone is different so don't compare, but this is my blueprint in this life to evolve and I love it, I just finished autobiography of a yogi and I'm a baby compared to them lol and I live in western society where people don't believe that, so I suppress all of this that I know. I love that Carl Jung quote " I don't need to believe, I know" This is my blue print and I love that this exists, I love all of this. 11:11 is the time lol

This whole evolving thing makes getting older more exciting, I'm not even at my Saturn return yet, so much to learn, inside and out. I'm not expressing this to seem some way, I'm just expressing that this is possible and a lot of people are at this consciousness state actually, its not as rare as you would think, and I'm tired of debating god, yes source exists or I would be dead.

There is so much to say. When you attach meaning to something you limit it, like I want to meet my twin flame, ignore the labels and allow and accept that you are currently attracted to this person but drop the labels, labels can make you obsessive and sort of delusional. Self haters attached so much meaning to themselves that's why they have suck a poor image, we attach meaning to everything, this is better that is worse, mac or pc, PlayStation or Xbox, Jesus or Buddha, its all the same shit, we just have this emotional investment to ideas and people and we become attached because we add meaning to something, people do this with teams. Its funny to be in objective truth and see the game, your human ego is just 1 layer of your soul perspective, there are a lot of layers and you never really stop evolving, even if you were to learn levitation you would just be like all humans can do this, that sort of attitude when you break a paradigm and your own belief system. We are powerful is what I'm saying, your higher self knows more than any teacher, its just your inner guidance will give you a teacher so that's a cool thing, then you move on to the next one just constantly paying attention and aware of this inner guidance system. Also the soul is not the human, My soul knows everything but my ego is still flawed and fucks up, its just in this state its auto correcting 24/7 because you are conscious of everything and what we were taught about life and reality is garbage my higher self is just teaching my body. This ascension shit is going down lol, exciting times!! I told maybe 4 people about this, but yeah I'm not eating right now, I could, but I don't want to. This is a part of the design, its really not that crazy once you are doing it and proving it to your ego. DONT DO THIS, THIS IS MY BLUE PRINT, ONLY IF YOU GET A INNER CALLING. Also when you do eat you shit it out the next day and you are empty again. I wrote a lot, but I hold all this in... Have a good day/night!

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