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If I was a...

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If I was a...

If you guys are following Teal on her daily updates she proposed a fun game for us to play!

I didn't see it posted anywhere else on the website forums, so I apologize if this is a repost but here-goes!

If I was a ___, I would be a ____.

The idea is to see what your closest vibration is to the theme of the first blank.

For example:

Your favorite animal might be a cat, but your personal frequency might be closer to a stag! So it would sound like this, "If I were an animal, I would be a red stag!"

There are lots of things you can do with this, but here are some samples:


If I was a..., I would be a (insert color, condition, and type of car...)

...candy, I would be a ___

...gemstone, I would be a ___


...time of day





Feel free to share you answers, post new questions, and pass the game along with friends! Did you learn anything about yourself?


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Sorry, I don't know anything about cars.....

If I was a mammal I would be a snow leopard.

If I was a fish I would be a small white koi with long fins.

If I was a bird I would be a swan.

If I was a domestic animal, I would be a cat.

If I was a tree I would be a jasmine tree.

If I was a flower I would be a pink rose.

If I was a bike I would be a vintage baby blue bike with a basket in the front.

If I was a color, I would be a light, misty shade of blue.

If I was a time of day I would be very early in the morning before anyone else is up.

I was a cookie I would be a strawberry macaron.

If I was a candy I would be bubblegum.

If I was a gemstone I would be moonstone or aquamarine (can't choose.)


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If I was a jedi, I would be Anakin Skywalker,

If I was a superhero, I would be Superman,

If I was a dragon ball z character, I would be Goku,

If I was a colour I would be purple,

If I was a flower, I would be a white lotus,

If I was a an alien I would be arcturian,

if I was an animal I would be a lion,

if I was  a dog breed, I would be a german shepard,

if I was an ice cream I would be vegan chocolate ice cream,


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