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Difference of intuition

I am interested in Your perspective about this. I met in my life either personally or through internet people who received intuitive messages in all kinds of ways. My partners for example: one say coloures, other fellt energies, other heards "words", the last one was able to perceive with all senses about all kinds of "spiritual dimensions".

My intuitive experience: I do not see other realms except - when relaxed and looking at the sky I can see small "bubles" which for me fellt right that they are devas of the planet. Sometimes I saw like the space in front of grass was shaking. When looking within I saw quite often a central source and around it all kinds of rotating stuff, or something like a sun moving in the space with vortex following, then there was a space and "boom" something smashed into it and it got divided into 2 parts and I entered in, or I was flowing through "portals/tunnels".

I do not hear except -  when I hear buzzing sometimes and when I focus within in the head I perceive like there would be waves entering.

I probably can smell that certain things are good or bad but not certain experience with that worth mentioning.

I do feel a lot and I learned a system to understand - to me this is connected with chakras or body centers. That is the heart is the gateway for the Oneness of the Soul, the thymus is the gateway for my Higher Self and pineal for the akash and innate.

Why is it that my intuition is so different than for many others?

What is Your personal way of receiving wisdom "from within"?

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Everyone is different so they will translate it in a different way. For me I listen to my higher self and I don't get attached to information but it somehow stays with me if I need it in the future, like for example information about aliens and stuff doesn't interest me, I have some information, but its just information to me, I've never met a being and they said we are (fill in the blank) race. My higher self can tell which people are genuine and which people are just in their own bubble of subjective truth, and some information I don't care about. So for me my higher self explained to me or I became aware of this objective truth, so once you see that and you can see where people are, you can see where they are in their awareness and know them from that. Like if someone says I'm a loving being then they smoke or eat animals I keep a mental note in my mind, automatically not even aware of it and I know they are at this level of consciousness so I cant talk to them about this stuff, you sort of feel people out on what you can and can't say based on their awareness. When you can see objective truth and all the layers down to subjective you just understand and can read people, but its not like reading their mind or anything like that its just because I am connected to my higher self and it tells me objective truth and I notice subjective truth and if that person is defensive when I shit on their belief or anything like that I know I cant talk to that person about that.

This might be too much information but if I speak to someone I get an energy exchange, every chakra turns on, even the sacral, nothing gets erect or anything like that but you feel that energy there and you don't even have to like them like that, its just my body picking that up in them, That's not even touching, just energy and since I can feel on that level of sensitivity I don't even like hugs with a person with shitty energy, I'm just like don't touch me! in my head. This is why I feel so naked around people because I assume they can feel me and read me the way I do, so if I can feel that words don't mean much to me lol, I also didn't talk as a kid because I was working with that level of sensitivity where words aren't necessary I guess, you just feel them from that energetic level.

I can only see my aura at night, but daytime is normal only sometimes cars have this mist behind them when they drive by I noticed and seeing these sparkles in the sky on a clear day, but that's about it. Someone else can have a entirely different way of picking up energy, or maybe they hear it and don't feel it, I don't know, I'm not them, but that's how I feel it and am able to understand people, but I keep a lot of stuff to myself.

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On 6/11/2017 at 5:08 PM, Caritas said:

What is Your personal way of receiving wisdom "from within"?

As Alex has said everyone is different on how they pick up energies but at the same time the more we practice and pay attention, the more similarities we find in our experiences . 

For me the key within often lays outside . 

The space itself is never the same and is always changing . Even if it seems the same and you don't notice it for a certain period of time, but then it comes to a point where it just doesn't feel right as it is.

From my personal experience a lot of it depends on  Light and Shade => its movement is what makes it different . The movement happens slowly and very noticeable only over time. It always changes accordingly with the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

Have you ever noticed how the plants that once were thriving in the shade all the sudden would wilt under the burning sun? and vise versa . This is how nature balances itself.

So the environment we are in is constantly "talking " and for ex., if you have home plants they are going to be among the first to "scream" by showing unwell signs due to lack of light (if not by the window) or water to get your attention. Deliberately ignoring that is very difficult and it is like ignoring your own home = ignoring yourself . 

Of course ,  not everyone has plants. Paying attention to your belongings is the same thing for me. If something needs repair - fix or replace it and you will immediately feel that something has shifted within you. One less headache to deal with, hahaha . Get rid of the clutter and you will lighter and so on. 

Everything is energy therefore it can be trasmuted through an action. And how it makes us feel is all that matters when it comes to matter.


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