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Recently I have started to have more and more dreams..some nights I even have like 2-3 dreams.But yesterday's and today's dreams were somehow special..because it somehow interfered with the real life,so to speak.

In yesterday's dream I dreamed about a parrot,a green parrot.I was in a car and headed for some kind of meeting in my school.I was in a car,but didn't drive,there was somebody driving,and I had this green parrot in my lap.I remember how I thought in my dream that he's cute.When I arrived there I left the parrot with the driver and headed into the school's building.There were a lot of persons and it was crowded place.I made my way trough that crowd only to sit down on the ground between 2 girls..they said something,but can't remember.At some point I thought about the parrot and became concerned about him,so I headed back to the car.When I arrived I saw the parrot  slowly dying.I saw the driver feeding him some black..beans or dust..and I asked him "Why did you feed him that?" and he replied "Look at how adorable he is!"...and then I took the parrot,jumped out of the car and started searching for a vet..I was like in the middle of the city..There were a lot of cars around and I was moving pretty slow and at some point I arrived in a park..I put the parrot down and started to look around for some help(I think,this part I don't remember so well)..and then I took the parrot in my hands..realized he was dead and started crying  and started looking for a vet again..I remember I was crying hard and at some point I just gave up..and woke up and realized that my pillow was wet..from crying..

Today..I dreamed that I was eating meat(to be more specific,a piece of meat from my fridge that I was thinking about eating the day before)..What is weird here is that I actually felt the taste of the meat in my dream..By the way I actually ate that piece of meat in real life today and there was a very similar taste to the one in the dream.

So...why I am experiencing this kind of stuff?In the past I had nightmares and sometimes woke up screaming..or woke up and starting to see eyes in my room..

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