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A barefooted soldier is lost in the sand, he finds a crying naked old man and the desert earth is glued around his tears, 

As he is crying and screeching his naked old fears 


And he screams


"help me, please help me, this old soul feels so lonely"



But the soldier equipped with a handsome smile says 

"no sir, no sir-e, 

    companion that's not me"


But the old man too has a handsome smile, and he convinces the young man to sit for a while,

so they sit and they talk in the blistering heat and the soldier explains his wins and defeats


But the old man screams...



 "take me, take me too, my God says he's waiting on you"


and the old man laughs and the young man cries 

as he chokes and he trips over his own lies. 


You see the old man has lost a wife 

and a son, 

through a military bullet from a military gun


no sir

no sir-e, 

murderer well that's not me.


No recollection of space and time, 

How long have I been here? he asks in his mind.

A military bullet from a military gun, 

echoes again as he turns to run. 




he runs, he runs,  he runs and he flees,

He runs, he runs ,he runs ,and he flees,

He sees water and women and grass and trees,                     

and puppies and children and birds and bees,                       

and catching with his Blue eye a Cloud he sees,                        

a barefooted soldier laying down on his knees,

a waving St. Peter who is waving goodbye, 

a Young familiar lady who is starting to cry,

an old broken mirror in a dirty cross Junction,

old broken man and it's filthy reflection, 

the warm desert air he begins to smell, 

the laughing old man says "welcome to hell”



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