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What is your view on asexuality?

If you're new to the topic you can gets some quick FAQs answered here:

From my understanding, it does not necessarily come from trauma, but it can. I believe that it is a legitimate sexual orientation (though different from romantic attraction. People who identify as asexual, including myself, can  and do still have romantic attraction without sexual attraction.) Teal often alludes to sex as symbolic of life itself. While asexuals can still engage in sex, many do not.

Is this denying a fundamental part of human nature? Am I truly missing something? Or is it just another perspective? An opportunity from the universe to seek out non-sexual intimacy as a form of expansion in interpersonal relationships? Those whom I have dated said they never experienced as much emotional intimacy before our relationship. Making sex not an end-goal or centerpiece of the relationship made our connection even deeper. I have heard  similar testimonials from non-asexual partners of asexuals.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you are comfortable, please include if you are asexual, grey-a, question or non-asexual (also known as allosexual) in the comments. (Obviously if all the people that comment believe asexuality is a myth and only the result of unresolved trauma, and are not asexual, I will be reasonably skeptical.)

If you identify as somewhere on the asexual spectrum, I would love to hear your perspective if you are comfortable sharing your experiences in love, sex, and relationships!

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If sex us a by-product of intimacy which is also in-to-me-see, then sex without intimacy is just a friction . People who have experienced both can always tell the difference between the two.

Everybody can feel attraction but does that mean we need to act on every single person we feel attraction to?

This reminds me of a messed up feeling of hunger . Most people think that if tummy is rumbling means they need to go eat something . And it is not! That simply means your stomach is working! obesity is skyrocketing for reason.

I went through a website a little bit and you know... some of it makes sense to me.

Seeing how a lot of today's relationships progress makes me want to cry. It seems like people act out on a sensations between their legs thinking that this is love? or passion/attraction ?

This is why so many of them go through relationships like through pairs of shoes. Not even taking time in between partners . Of course . .. because there is no emotional connection.

I came across of a woman on youtube and she  describes her relationship as free and that she and her partner are exploring the unknown with others. So I posted a question what is the unknown that she is exploring ? no answer ,  but it's okay.

The point is that we all have the same physics . Men and women. What makes sex feel different is the level of emotional intimacy/connection  and not the variety of partners. Without emotional connection sex is not fully satisfying and eventually leads to problems.





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