Major Shift

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I just got to share this little funny thing although it has nothing to do with the topic (kind of).

Whenever I see the word "shift" I sometimes switch to the word "shit". So yea there is a major shit happening here xD

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I'm looking up what House my moon is in, and it's really making my head boggle,lol. But, the difference in energy is obvious, and I'm all about that! 

19 hours ago, Canela said:

I'm all about this, @Canela! Looks like I have a moon in Pisces, which makes a lot of sense. What all that other jazz means, I haven't the foggiest, lol. Research for the win. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.29.59 PM.png

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5 minutes ago, Ana said:

This chart does not show the houses. It seems like it's a noon chart.

Do you know at what time you were born? And yes, Pisces moon is very musical, even more in aspect with Neptune, in this case a square.

Very psychic girl :) 

You aren't kidding! I know it was around midnight, but the birth certificates in the U.S. don't show the times. I think it was like 12:45AM or something to that effect. My head's been buzzing off the hook with information since last September! From what I keep running into message-wise, I'm part of this movement called the 'First Wave of Ascension,' which feels 'right.' It's an advanced movement of loving focus, so I'm down with that. We're like paradigm shifters (that's shifters, mind you, lol). Pleiades business from what I've been studying but I'm keeping pretty open minded. 

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3 minutes ago, Ana said:

Nice :)

Try to redo the chart with that birth time. The more exact it is the more accurate the houses will be.

Looks like my moon Sign is Pisces, which makes sense. Hey @Ana what's a good way to ask the internet for a good chart generator? Mine are coming back with the more basic ones that do not include multiple houses. Or, if you know of one, that would be helpful. I've never really looked into this before, but it seems like it may be really relevant to me now. 

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