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Formal intro right

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Formal intro right

Introductions aren't required at this point but rather than give a long drawn out explanation of my bio, I wanted to open up a bit about "this experience" we are all having together. 


My name is Rich and I am a 28 year old male, military veteran outside of Ithaca, New York. I wandered in here a few weeks ago by the law of attraction. I passively felt my way into some of Teal's videos on YouTube and was intrigued by her clear and radiant energy followed by the way she was able to describe things In a unique way. My purpose is a passive spreading of genuine love and understanding, to encourage insight and perspective after a history of relatively traumatic series of unfortunate events that opened my mind to new experiences. This left me able to sense outwardly, hear and feel variations of energy and aspects of the universe that are always there but we tend to ignore them. I am an artist and can essentially create anything if I feel motivated enough to follow through with the process. I lived in former Mesopotamia during 2012 when I didn't really have a choice but it was a solid experience to reappreciate the things we commonly overlook. I wouldn't say I'm a "normal" guy but I'm very approachable and easy going enough to encourage conversation with strangers (especially if they have the same interests). There's a vast depth in range of topics that I might have insight on and I generally try to be helpful where I can.


I like it here and plan to stick around for awhile.

//end creepy bio blog//

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