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Intentional Communities.

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Intentional Communities.

I am looking for an intentional community in the BC Canada area.   Simple as that... I've experienced too much to even bother explaining my complicated duality  that is my life.    I'm a paradox, so lets not open the pandoras box too quickly now shall we..?   If there is one near me or my area... can we try to arrange getting me there?  Cause I've pretty much had it with society.  yes, the optimistic boy is now kinda cracking.. and soon he wont be so sweet anymore..  Then this Crab will be put into an enraged state... and that wont be good....  BUT the age of Aquarius is near so my fellow cancers i think will find some relief soon.  <3  Even if my path of suffering still has more in store fotr me and my expansion.  lol..  but I like many others i think that it just slows things down a bunch since many... me included don't know how to transmute energies and situations into becoming beneficial.  let alone simply taking everything and learning from it.  Right now i seek a rather nurturing community, and soon enough you all will be repaid greatly when i've been restored to my full divinity and power.  I want to help you all soar..  but i need a bit of help.  help me help you.  <3

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