Isolation Trauma and How to Connect with Others Again?

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Isolation trauma and how to connect with others again?

I know this is a pretty common trauma, and Teal has done quite a few videos about connecting with others... but do you guys think that having a more in depth video about isolation specifically (be that withdrawal as a coping mechanism, or the idea of childhood abandonment in general) would be helpful? Isolation is something I've also been struggling with.

I'm not at all against visualizations or using tools to feel open or trusting with others again which I've seen mentioned in her teachings, but for those of you who also struggle with this know that we can get into a place where we are almost like a high security prison on lockdown. Visualizations can feel surface and pretentious to the mind who has lived this way so long. I've also noticed that a common message is getting down the root of why we don't fully trust others, and using the completion process. Of course this is absolutely important, but the ironic thing is that the completion process is something self-focused (focused on integrating trauma), when the cure for isolation is true intimacy and connection. Also, once we know that root, does anyone else find that it's difficult to find ways to meet that need for connection in your day to day life?

After all, if you're seeking to develop better connection with others, it involves other people, their time and schedules. In a way, you're also kind of asking for their energy and giving them energy too, since you want them to connect with you, and you want to connect with them. I've asked myself "What would a person who loved themselves do?" and often draw a complete blank because (again, it's too ironic) it's not what my mind wants anymore. It doesn't want to do stuff alone, but hasn't really experienced a ton of deep connection. This aspect of me wants someone to love me... and help them not feel alone, but I have no idea how to go about helping that. Sometimes I receive answers to that question, and I take a certain course of action that is meant to help with intimacy and connection, but despite that, I often feel like an island of my own even within the presence of people I love and care about.

Anyway... this isn't just about me hahaha... I'm wondering if you guys have experienced something similar, and if this topic of discussion would be helpful? I don't know... the way I'm wording this, it sounds like all the questions that have been answered before. -_- But it's something else... that sort of isolation. It's really hard to explain. It's beyond loneliness. This probably sounds really confusing haha... sorry. (One of the effects of isolation is misunderstanding because your mental and emotional reality feels so far from other's. Thus, you end up wording things or talking in ways that cause further confusion and separation.) I'm trying to explain this feeling of horrific isolation in words, and basically just wondering how we can help ourselves and others through it.

I like to write articles and blog posts too, and I'm posting one soon on hyper-responsibility and it's relationship with isolation. But... when I thought about how to help that relationship dynamic, I could only find a few things to write for solutions. It's like I understand what's happening, but my ideas for solutions are limited.


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The more one makes it all about himself the less connected he feels.

Disconnection is an illusion that is perceived by the mind that always seeks for the physical proof of connection - synchronicity . 

For me connection comes from understanding others whether they act/speak authentically or not. Regardless of what people choose it has always been important for me to understand why. Teal has a very good video about belonging where she talked about that once you switch from looking for the differences to looking for the similarities - things begin to shift. And it's true.

When you understand others it becomes easy to understand why things the way they are. 

Connection is an enormous responsibility. Once you get it -that's it. You are looking through a glass. You can see how each person is truely transparent and fragile in everything he does. 

Every  person always knows and feels when he/she is being understood. He will either feel instantly connected to you (which also makes you feel connected back because of the unconditional presence you create with this person) or he/she will start pushing away because not everyone can handle that level of intimacy . 

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