I would appreciate you help to answer a few questions

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I would appreciate you help to answer a few questions

Hello all you wonderful peaople out there,

Just to introduce myself a little bit, I'm 26 years old. Being born in a Christian Orthodox family I never felt like I belonged there so from young age I started researching religion and I felt closer to the old pagan tranditions. About 6-7 years ago I started having my first contacts with spirtituality through some reiki sessions, I felt sensations like no others before. WhenI l left Greece and moved to Scotland 5 years ago more or less I pulled away from my spiritual side because 1st I was afraid and 2nd I was feeling like I was getting lonelier. But the past year there are too many sign for me to ignore them so I decided to jump right back in. I was recently in a couple of meditation workshops and felt the desire to work on my 3nd eye opening. I don't know why but it's an idea that was stuck in my mind for a few months. A frined of mine recommended to watch Teal's videos and there are trully amazing. So I'm reaching to my questions. I'm meditating lying down, burning white sage and trying to do the exercises recomended by Teal. As she mentions in the video I feel extreme headaches and itching on my face and pressure between the eyebrows and behind my ears. But there's something else happening after my thoughts stop. I can only be in that state of not thinking for 10 minutes and  I see white colour all around me and sometimes it's gold or orange, and I also see a pair of eyes stare right back at me. Can someone help me and tell me what does that mean?

Thank you so much! Love and Light to all of you,


PS. Excuse my english if its bad 

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I've had the experience of seeing my own face when I was about to leave my body, I just saw my face for some reason almost like you are seeing the blue print of your body before you leave.

4 hours ago, Maria_Skamagka said:

1st I was afraid and 2nd I was feeling like I was getting lonelier.

David blowie has a nice quote about this "though reaching up my loneliness evolves by the blindness that surrounds him."

We are a soul in a body, the body itself can do a lot, we have a third eye and we can see past the veil, its there its a part of the design, We can feel each other emotionally and each other chakras if your body is that sensitive, I'm sure people who are completely cut off from their emotions and are atheist do not feel that or perceive it, and if they do they will see if as a chemical imbalance lol. your third eye will see something like that, not quite but somewhere along those lines.Image result for DMT art

if you catch yourself wake up in the middle of the night you will still get a glimpse of this DMT in you, which is just a higher reality, but in the physical it gets translated in the body as being this DMT chemical. The DMT is like the door is open and your body can rest, but a entity cant get in because your soul is connected to it, its your souls temporary body, so even though the door is open when you sleep another soul or being cant take over it, we just need to rest these bodies because we are not this body we are the soul in this body, and sleep is that doorway to the other side(non physical), and out of body experiences are just you consciously going to sleep and you get to experience these other dimensions or timelines, whatever, and because times doesn't exist lets say you experience a aspect of you on a higher dimension that you is also existing simultaneously because a soul is a group, it isn't like 1 life at a time, all your lives are happening now, we just think this human life is all that is because we are experiencing separation and ego.

I guess source perspective in a body can see past all of these societal beliefs like race, status, sex, love, pretty much everything and see the objective truth of it, you become more soul perspective than I'm a human with this race and I have so much pride in my culture attached to the race that I am, you don't care about that, you are god in a body, simple, race doesn't matter, god/source is in everything, there isn't a spiritually superior race, that's retarded to think, its just objective truth is objective truth, the information ends up being the same all the time, nobody is copying anyone's material/teachings it just all leads to the same place, why gurus dress like that? I don't know... you can have tattoos and wear black and you can still know this, the image doesn't matter, that's just spiritual ego, but tis just a part of the design, the outfit doesn't matter lol.

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