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anybody here majored in sociology?

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i'm struggling in school....i had alot of perosnal problems that i was more focuses on until now. so i never really settled on a concrete career path or major really D: i've decided to stay within the social scinces for a few reasons....i'm abit intrugied by sociology....but don't no alot. i only took one class and didn't really pay attention. if u majored in socilogy i was wondering if u could tell me why and wat u wanted to do/doing with that degree. as well as most common careers for sociology majors that u no of.....and what the main catergory or fields of sociolgy are?

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Hello there, since you haven't declared that you're adamant about taking sociology, allow me to make a brief pitch on behalf of your local philosophy departments. *shameless grin*

Firstly, if you can (and you really can), I would recommend not cementing your mind into any field until 2nd year at the earliest. I'll tell you why - you always have space for electives, especially if you're an Arts student. It's way better to use this wiggle room to try out different disciplines during your first year, instead of being bored through "throwaway classes" just to finish your degree later. You simply can't expect to know what you want to do until you try out a bunch of different things that look like they could be interesting.

I should ask, were you thinking of a BA or a BS in sociology? Many universities offer both options. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is geared towards a more introspective individual, while the Bachelor of Sciences in Sociology will better fit an individual who likes statistics and crunching numbers. Both kinds are needed for interpreting sociological behaviours. For example a sociolinguist with an Arts degree might theorise about how slang has changed through time and what it means, while a Science major would seek to measure the changes and correlations.

Let me link you the wikipedia page for the different subfields of sociology. Take a look at them and see if anything sounds interesting enough to think about committing to.

The thing about disciplines is that they become quite specialized, the further you go into them. Say you're interested in the courtship rituals of humans - by the time you've graduated you're now specialized in the courtship rituals of single white male heterosexuals between the ages of 24 and 30. So whatever you choose, make sure you'll be still interested in the topic when viewed in such detail.

This is why I took philosophy. Let's face it, there are no jobs for our generation, and the vast majority of people who choose to specialize never, ever, end up landing a job that actually relates to the field of their study. I also feel that this way of training people to do one thing really well is outdated. The internet and related technologies allow us to obtain specialized information quickly. So the world really only needs a few specialists about X, who are really interested in X, because their knowledge can be accessed anytime, anywhere. So everybody who was kind of interested in X but not really but took it because they just kind of had to "pick a degree" is useless, because nobody needs them. That's just how it is.

So... yeah ask yourself:

1) "What do I really want to find out about?"

2) "Will it take me a good long time to be satisfied in my knowledge of this thing (like my whole lifetime)?"

3) "Is there anything else I might equally be interested in?"

Experiment! Your first year should be about discovery!

That is all.


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