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how to make self harm scars go away

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hi, i have some too, and i also have scars from childhood, once i fell on my knee on a sharp stone, once i scratched my ankle climbing a tree... scars dont go away totally, they get a little smoother over time but scar-tissue just does not look the same as unharmed skin. by getting a suntan there will be even more visible difference. sorry to disappoint you.

if you feel on an energetic level that the scars do affect you, there are acupuncture or lightwork-healing-techniques like therapeutic touch or qi-gong-healing-techniques for example that can bring some relief and the energy flowing more smoothly again.

anyway there are tattoo artists that are specialized in covering nasty scars. or ask any tattoo artist for advice if youd like that option.

i for myself have a tattoo, but on the other arm, not where the cutting scars are. i somehow came to accept them as part of my past, they too remind me of choosing NOW to be more self-loving. i am not ashamed of them. i used to be though during the time i still had the urge to do that. sometimes, children, strangers, ask me what happened there and i tell them the least scary version of truth, that i did this and stopped because i choose to be nice to myself, and i find the more i come to terms with the scars, the less i feel affected by questions and the more natural the reactions of them feel to me.

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Good question, I'd like help on this too... I reduced mine a bit by moisturising them with things like coconut oil or almond oil, and massaging them gently on a regular basis. They are still visible though and would love to know if there's any good methods to reduce them even more :) 

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