All foods taste bad to me

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All foods taste bad to me


I've got an issue. It's been a few months now that I never know what to eat because everything tastes funny to me.

Nothing makes me wanna eat, even things I used to love before. For example : Cookies I used to crave now taste way to salty now, most of fruits and vegetables are just not appealing to me anymore, fish...yurk.

I've just eaten eggs and I feel like throwing up because I'm disgusted.

Maybe it sounds not so bad but it is really a chore. I always end up ordering food because that way I don't have to come up with ideas... and most of the time I throw it away because I hate it.

I end up spending ALL (really ALL) my budget in food .....

I wish I could eat delicate and very well-cooked food everyday, but I live in Paris and in my neighborhood I can't find any good raw products. I'm just so fed up . . .


Any answer to this post would help me a LOT, thanks :)


Maybe there is a link with the fact that I live alone and that I'm a loner. When I go to my parents house, I eat way more easily, almost without thinking of it.



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Drink water that is purified by crystals, sun light, moon light, and nature. You can charge the crystals with intent and music. You can sustain yourself with just liquids.

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If I were you I would give rest to my body and mind. You can do a water fasting during 3 days to help flushing your system. 3 days are not too much and it gives some rest to your organs that are probably trying to detoxifing you from not healthy foods and from bad food combinations and old acumulations.

You will need to drink plenty of pure water (3 litres daily, some recommend). to have a lot of restful time with your eyes closed. Just try to relax and to have deep, long and slow breath exercises. Meditation helps too.

On the first day after fasting eat only ripe watery fruits (small mono-meals: don't mix different fruits) preferable papaya or mango (I find that peaches or appricots work well too). Eat very small amounts, chewing the small bites of fruits very well. Keep drinking a lot of water outside meal time.

On the 2nd day after fasting you could increase the quantities a bit but keep the mono-meals.

I would recommend to try a different fruit at each meal to be able to feel how it tastes to you and how your stomach and intestines reacts.

The healthiest diet is raw veganism, specially frutarianism. All animal products force the body to produce mucus (the primary culprit of all diseases).

Watch Loren Lockman youtube channel to inform yourself better about the benefits of a simple diet (mostly fruits and some tender leafy greens) and fasting.

Of course doing shadow work and the Completion Process would help you, as it helps everyone :)

Wish you all the best!



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