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Gift for hubby

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Hi all, hope all are fine. I'm here for my hubby. He is a musician and he loves guitar. Whenever he gets free time, he spends time in our backyard. He is on a tour now and will be back after 2 weeks. He returns exactly on his birthday and I would like to give him a small surprise. I have bought an Epiphone ES premium electric guitar which is something he always dreamt of. Also, I have a plan of renovating our backyard into a new one. I consulted with one of the backyard renovators in Calgary which gave me some beautiful backyard makeover ideas. They have given me an idea of making a lounging area with 2 lounging chairs and a fireplace nearby. Also, a flowerbed which is really soothing.
I have contacted them and they agreed to come to help us. I am really excited to give him the surprise. If you have any suggestions or tips, feel free to quote here. Thanks.


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