Why Don’t We Recognize Our Own Positive Emotions?

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Why Don’t We Recognize Our Own Positive Emotions?

It is sometimes easier to recognize and appreciate positive emotions in others than ourselves. We say or think things like, that person is so loving, or so appreciative, or so happy. We may be impressed by those feelings in others, but dismiss the importance of, or even not recognize, those emotions in ourselves. At least, I know I do that sometimes, and I think others do that too.

Many people, including myself, will be more alert to the sensation of negative emotions like anger, frustration and fear. We can feel the effect on our body, and take note of it to alert us that something is “wrong”, that we are disturbed or stressed by something we are thinking. But will not, as a general rule, take note of positive emotions the same way. They will not alert of us of something being “right”.

So what is that about? Why don’t we recognize our own positive emotions as much as negative ones? That is, for those of us who do that? Some others will suppress the negative emotions, which is not healthy either. Both positive and negative feelings are beneficial to notice. Maybe we ignore positive emotions because as children we were just expected to be happy, and therefor it was considered the “normal” state? Or perhaps it is different reasons for different people? I really don’t know.

But one thing seems certain. We can only ever truly experience our own emotions. And I think when we don’t really recognize or appreciate our own positive emotions, we are missing out on the best thing life has to offer. We are missing the opportunity to feel the positive all there is. Seeing someone else as loving, appreciative or happy is great. But deeply feeling these and other positive emotions in ourselves, that’s where we connect with our own divine nature.

I think that this direct experience of positive emotions is where we tap into the energy and inspiration to be our best selves. And to be most helpful to ourselves and others. There is a lot that goes into understanding emotions, our own and others, and their importance, and how to change emotions. Below are links some of Teal’s work on the subject.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and hope that what I wrote is helpful. I wish everyone the best. - Aaron

The The Ultimate Life Hack (The Secret to Understanding People) - Teal Swan -

Emotional Wake Up Call - Teal Swan-

Teal Swan’s article on “How To Feel”

Teal Swan’s article on “Why We Can't Feel Loved For Who We Are”

Teal Swan’s article on “Invalidation of Positive Emotion”

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Minor edits to improve readability. Changed "But neither types of feelings should be ignored." to "Both positive and negative feelings are beneficial to notice." Added "And to be most helpful to ourselves and others." Other more minor edits too.
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I like emotions and like to feel all of them, well I want to be okay with feeling all of them and not suppressing one and allowing the others, its just a part of the design. I guess the same way there is a societal standard on beauty and what is allowed, we do this on a societal level and don't allow all emotions, and some people don't have enough self control so they will do something dumb or dangerous with that emotion. If we show emotion we just get talked about like something is wrong but the majority don't feel their own, like men for example can't cry, we can but its a belief that it is weak. both boys and girls at a young age feel the whole spectrum of emotions, the boys don't cry less than the girls, its just when we get older that belief gets into us and we suppress when that little boy and girl is still in us, it never went away. Some people do see crying as weak, and I'm sure some see being happy as weak, it just depends how you were raised and what emotions were allowed as a kid and the society you grew up in. I'd love for them all the be allowed and seen as normal and not have someone "trying" to diagnose you with this current model western society works with. If we were birds we would crash into each other trying to fly together that's how disconnected some are to their emotions :( anyone who tells me I cant feel a certain way isn't in touch with their emotions and hates that in them. We attach meaning to certain emotions when emotions are another language entirely, it can't be expressed in words, not accurately anyway.

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