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Question about Encounter.

How do you guys deal with those (I) considered as "bad" encounters? The ones that mess up with your backside (crown, behind the third eye, throat, back, etc...) and grab your legs while you are having a sleep paralysis? Have any of you got that? Please share your experience <3 Have a good week ;) 

(For me, I leave them to do that for a while until I'm uncomfortable with they are doing and wake up. Since I began to 'go on my path', a lot of them have come to me like shadow people/entities, succubus, draconian or reptile or some entities look like that. It generates my deep fear, for sure. The solution I think can work is to heal my wounds and accept that being, too. But I usually get out of it before I can feel it is the 'right' time. )

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Relax into it. 99% of sleep paralysis or split-stage "attacks" are just projections from your own mind, or projections of your fears onto whatever is really happening. The split stage is very intense and delicate. "Shadow" people aren't really shadow people, they're just people that you can't fully see, likely due to psychological incompatibility. When I left my body my own physical body would appear as a shadow to me, simply because my mind couldn't comprehend that I was looking at "myself". The subtle world lacks subtlety when it comes to mind projections - what you think and feel will often directly project over the environment or you will draw those things to you.

In the event that it is an external attack, then there's many techniques to deal with that. Teal has a video on protection and attack. You can use stuff but ultimately it's about how you feel and what you think. One quick way is to use something powerfully inspirational either as protection or as a guide - most people use their religious idols such as Jesus or angels. You can use anything that is a high-vibration for you. Music, words, people, animals, whatever makes you feel the most open.

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