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Houston Workshop + Workshop IT and audio

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Houston Workshop + Workshop IT and audio

I'm curious about the Houston workshop as it seems uploaded but inaccessible:

I would also like to ask anyone if they can fix some of the audio issues in many (about half!) of Teal's workshops. The audio is sometimes so distorted that it is too painful to listen to, which is a great shame. I assume the workshops can be downloaded somehow. Perhaps some of them could also be strung together to form a more coherent single video. I can help with this if needed but I don't have the skills to fix the audio directly by myself.

I would also be interested in helping to tag and categorize all of her workshops to provide easy reference for people. I am always amazed by how much gold is hidden in these workshops. But not everyone can plough through hours of video or bad audio to get that gold. I've watched many of the workshops and I could easily sort them into reference categories* and potentially upload them on to YouTube. But I'd need the files, and I'm more concerned with fixing the audio on the ones I'm unable to watch.


*Example: I can go through each question asked on-stage and isolate them to a single small video, and tag all possible topics that come up in that exchange. Some of the exchanges are an hour long and they often jump into multiple topics... which is where some of Teal's most profound wisdom is. Some of them references are very tiny but very huge, which is why I want to do this.

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