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Thank you for your feedback!


I want to do more apps for Teal in the future and after we're done with our new changes (can't wait to launch them!!!) I will spend time on apps. :) 

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For the community! :) I think it would be great to have access to the forums/chat through an app. I think it would improve our ability to be active in the forums. I'm not often at my desktop, but I usually have my phone or tablet with me. And if you were able to incorporate push notifications, people would be drawn back to engaging in group discussion much more easily. You could even load Teal's YouTube videos and blog posts onto an app if you wanted to. It would be great if we could develop an app similar to those you see available for Reddit, which is another forum. They make it easy to use your mobile device to scroll through forum topics, search, and post/reply to others. There's also a greater chance of building exposure for Teal and her community through the android/apple stores which recommend apps to users based on similar interests. 

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